Akcansa Cement Plant

Akcansa Cement Plant Facade Renovation

Akçansa, the International partnership company is one of the Turkey’s oldest and largest cement producers. The factory facilities located on the shores of Büyükçekmece Lake in the west of İstanbul were distant of the city in the 1960s when it was established. But it’s surrounded with the new settlements now.

Factory management has reduced all kinds of emissions in the last 20 years and has reduced to zero point the dusting which can disturb the immediate surroundings. As a continuation of this process, they wanted to renovate the visuality and facades of the factory using a number of separations.

For this reason, renovation and arrangements were applied especially on the facades of the factory which are related to the main transportation road and the residential district. At the same time, local improvements and new designs were made in the site of the factory. In this context, steel construction and mesh panels were installed in front of the stockholes, plaster refurbishmented and painted in the packaging building, the ready-mix concrete plant of the factory was completely removed. The facades of the silos were cleaned and painted and also coronal steel construction bars were binded. Finally, gradient mesh panels were added to the surrounding walls.

  • Year / Month :2015
  • Program : Renovation
  • Client : Erginoğlu&Çalışlar Architects
  • Status : Technical Design
  • Area : 67 000 m²
  • Team : Ilker Ertugrul, Inan Karacay, Songul Gedik, Aysel Ceylan
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